The Valdarno of Tuscany, Italy - tourist information

Valdarno Superiore (Upper Val d'Arno)

Upper Valdarno
Upper Valdarno

The municipalities of the Upper Val d'Arno (Valdarno Superiore) are:

● Bucine
● Cavriglia
● Figline Valdarno
● Montevarchi
● San Giovanni Valdarno
● Terranuova Bracciolini

A number of distinctive towns located on the slopes of the Pratomagno can be included among the sights of the Valdarno Superiore. Among them are:

Loro Ciuffenna

Walking trails above the Upper Valdarno

For anyone who enjoys walking paths, those providing a view out over the Upper Arno Valley are truly spectacular. One of the best known trails begins at San Donato in Collina, passes upwards to Monte Muro and then to Poggio alla Croce and so by one of two routes to San Polo in Chianti. There is a more direct path without the views of the Valdarno that passes San Miniato di Rubbiano. These paths make San Polo an attractive place to stay either overnight while on a long hike, for example at Mamma Cristina Bed & Breakfast rooms, within easy reach of Florence and the Chianti area. It is then possible to walk from San Polo to one of the lookouts before returning by the same route.

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